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In 1957 Erwin Kiel builds his first caravan in Oberhausen. In 1958 the Weltbummler model was produced in a barracks in Duisburg and the company Kiel Reiseanhaenger was founded. Wolfgang Thurn joined the company in 1959 as sales manager. He takes over the company in 1962 and the new company name is Kiel Reiseanhaenger-Nachfolger. In 1965 a second workshop and warehouse is opened in Mülheim.

In 1949 Jakob Eicker started a factory under the brand name Corsar in Oedt, together with a partner. In September 1967 the company Kiel and Jakob Eicker (Eicker Wohnwagenwerk) merge to form Thurn-Eicker KG, TE for short. The King, Sprinter and Weltbummler series will be launched within a year. The caravans are sold in Germany in sixteen of our own branches, without intermediate trade.
In 1971 Wolfgang Thurn and Jakob Eicker take over the troubled Dethleffs in Isny. In 1973 Thurn-Eicker KG changes into a GmbH and the company TE Caravans GmbH is also founded. TEC reached the highest production numbers in 1978 with 8000 units. In 1981 the brand name is changed to TEC. In 1980 Wolfgang Thurn, Jakob Eicker and Erwin Hymer found CMC. This includes the TEC, Hymer and Dethleffs brands. In 1983 Erwin Hymer acquires the exclusive rights of CMC (Caravan MotorCaravan).
In 1984 the factory in Oedt is closed and production of the Weltbummler is moved to Isny. From 1987 to 1993, the King series was produced at SIR (Caravelair / Sterckemann) in Tournon France. In 1993, the Sprinter series was reintroduced, which was produced at LMC in Sassenberg. In 1995, the entire production is transferred to Sassenberg, where a new office will also be built.
At the beginning of this century, the cars of LMC and TEC are almost identical to each other. From 2010, LMC will occupy a higher positioning and price range compared to TEC. On February 13, 2013, TEC and LMC announced that from summer 2013, both TEC caravans and motorhomes will no longer be produced under the TEC brand, but all are available as an LMC model. It is presented as a marriage between LMC and TEC. In France, however, all caravans and motorhomes will continue to be sold as TEC. In France, the LMC brand evokes too many associations with the homes of gypsies.

Ordering caravanwindow for TEC

Does your TEC caravan need new caravan windows? Please contact Willemsen Caravans. We are happy to help you with the purchase and installation of the new window. You can contact us via the contact page or by filling in the quotation form on the website. On this quotation form you need to describe your window in detail so that we can find the right window for your TEC caravan.


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