Kip caravan windows

KIP caravans have their origin in the Netherlands, near the border with Germany. At the end of the 40s they rolled the first caravan from tape. This caravan was intended only for personal use of the builder, but because of the great interest for the caravan another 20 KIP caravans were built in the same year. With today KIP caravans are comfort and quality at the highest level. This is mainly associated with very good handling characteristics, so that you arrive safely at your destination. Next to your undisturbed comfort has devoted much attention and so you can enjoy a well-earned rest in quite different weather heavenly excellent insulation.
Maintenance of the caravan window
The quality of the KIP caravan is beyond question. However, it is possible that one or more windows need to be replaced. You can go to the dealer where you purchased the KIP caravan, but the probability is that the dealer has these special windows in stock, it is not very big. Therefore, it may be interesting to look at the window closer to the source. Willemsen Caravan & Camper Parts B.V. has a large stock of caravan windows, even for KIP caravan. If your window is not in stock unexpectedly, we will help you with an order from the regular supplier of KIP caravan windows. These are Polyplastics and Plastoform. To get the right window quickly into the house and enjoy your holiday! 

Does your KIP caravan need a new caravan window?
Then take on caravan window, contact with Willemsen Caravan & Camper Parts B.V.. We can help you with the purchase and installation of the new window. You can contact on the contact page or by completing the order form on the website with us. In this practical form describe your window in detail, so we can find you the right window for your KIP caravan so you can pick it out.

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