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In 1963 Siddle Cook takes part in the Caravan Club's Longleat National Rally. At the time, it was a popular pastime to build amateur caravans by those who had the means to do so. Cook won first prize with his own construction, equipped with a radio, record player and even air conditioning!

Two years later, Siddle and his son Ray start producing caravans. Finding a name for the new company was difficult until son Ray spelled his father's first name backwards: Elddis caravans was born. In 1968, expansion brings the factory to the town of Consett, where it remains until 2000.
In 1973 ABI (a merger of Ace and Belmont) acquires Elddis. Production will remain at the existing site in Durham. In 1978 father and son Cook decided to leave the management of ABI and found a new company not far from the Eldiss factory: Compass. In 1990 a Management buy-out of Elddis follows and ties with ABI are cut. In 1994 Crown is marketed as a separate brand, this concerns budget caravans from the ABI era, but which do come from the Elddis factory. In 1996 a separate production line was introduced especially for the Dutch market: Shadowline. This disappears again in 1970.
In 1998 Elddis acquires both Coachman and Compass (with Herald range). The Explorer Group, consisting of Elddis, Crown, Coachman and Compass / Herald is one of the newer players in the UK market.
In August 1999 Explorer also takes over the Buccaneer brand name. At the end of 2000, production of the Explorer group, with the exception of Coachman in Hull, will be concentrated in a new factory in Country Durham.
In 2001 there was a management buy-out by Coachman. In 2008 mother Explorer released a new brand: Explore. In August 2009, Elddis decided to revise their major production and business model and focus on streamlined entry-level and mid-range caravans, dropping the Explorer name. Buccaneer remains a sister brand of Elddis in a high luxury class. The successful Explore becomes Elddis Explore and the brand name Compass is no longer part of the portfolio. In 2013 Elddis decided to put Compass back on the market, starting September. The brands also operate under the Explorer Group.

Ordering caravanwindow for Elddis

Does your Elddis caravan need new caravan windows? Please contact Willemsen Caravans. We are happy to help you with the purchase and installation of the new window. You can contact us via the contact page or by filling in the quotation form on the website. On this quotation form you need to describe your window in detail so that we can find the right window for your Elddis caravan.


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