DIY Motorhome windows

Lockdown project, the desired layout is not available, a standard camper van is too expensive, or simply because everything you do yourself is better. Whatever your motivation, you are building a camper yourself or you are orienting yourself on this. We know better than anyone what challenges this entails, it is a big job. We are happy to help you with part of that task. After all, when it comes to caravan or motorhome windows, you have been at Willemsen Caravan and Camper Parts for more than 25 years.

Daylight has a major impact on the interior space. The right use of windows can make a small room feel more spacious than it actually is. Windows also have a major impact on the look of your motorhome.

Basically there are 2 types of windows available:

  • hard glass
  • acrylic glass

Hard glass

Hard glass has a number of advantages over acrylic glass. For example, the windows are cheaper to purchase, and they will be for sale at various points. This is because this usually concerns the window that the manufacturer of the van itself offers.

However, there are also disadvantages: The windows are largely made of single glazing and therefore insulate significantly less than the windows of double glazing. When you wake up in the morning in the motorhome, condensation will often be found on the inside of the window and during cold nights the heater will have to turn on faster. In addition, the hard glass windows are heavy. The appearance is also less attractive by many people. Of course this is personal and there is no arguing about taste.

To illustrate this, a Fiat Ducato is shown on the right with a hard glass window built into the sliding door.

Acrylic glass

Acrylic glass windows are more expensive to purchase than hard glass windows. In addition, they are for sale in fewer places. However, there are also advantages. Acrylic windows are almost always made of double glass and therefore provide excellent insulation. On hot summer days it stays cooler inside, and during cold nights it stays warmer. In addition, the weight also plays a role, because acrylic windows are very light. The acrylic windows are also available in various window shades, with or without screen printing. The standard window tint is privacy glass, but clear window tints are also available. It is not without reason that acrylic windows have been the standard for caravans and motorhomes for years.

Polyplastic 04.30 serie

There are several manufacturers that produce acrylic windows. The largest and most famous is Polyplastic, located in Rotterdam. Especially for bus campers based on the Fiat Ducato (Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper are identical), they have developed a series of windows that perfectly match the radius of the sidewall and rear doors. And that is very handy if you are going to build a bus camper yourself. To illustrate this, a photo of a Fiat Ducato with Polyplastic windows installed.

Dometic S7P

Another well-known manufacturer of caravan and motorhome windows is the German company Dometic (formerly Dometic-Seitz). This company is best known for its Dometic S4 hinged and sliding windows. In addition, their roof hatches are very popular, this concerns the Dometic Heki (Heki 2, Heki 3, Midi-Heki, Mini-Heki) series. Dometic has also responded to the growing demand for bus campers and has developed their S7P windows especially for the Fiat Ducato. Just like the windows of Polyplastic, these windows fit perfectly to the radius of the wall. The Dometic S7P windows come in a black powder-coated aluminum frame and privacy glass. An additional advantage is that these windows are completely flat when viewed from the outside. Here is a photo for illustration.

At Willemsen Caravan and Camper Parts we believe in knowledge and stock. We want to use this to help you as best as possible. Send an email with your wishes so that we can think along with you and send you a non-binding quote. We are also available for other questions. Thanks to our large stock (more than 20,000 windows), we can deliver quickly, so that you can soon be on the road in your home-built camper.

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