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Chateau was founded in 1973 by Alfred Sprankenis from Budel. He is originally a caravan dealer and imports Roller caravans from Italy. Because this manufacturer does not want to build a "Dutch model" for him, he develops his own "castle on wheels": Chateau. He apparently knows too little about the French language, because he forgets the "roof" on the first a.

In 1974 he opens a new factory in Hamont, Belgium, in Limburg, 6 kilometers away. In 1981 Chateau HomeCar from Maasmechelen takes over. The joint production then amounts to 2500 pieces. The takeover of Constructam follows in 1985. The production of the new "Chateau Caravan Group" amounted to 3800 units. In 1987 the production of the rather expensive Constructams was discontinued.

In 1992 H2 Investment takes over the Chateau Caravan Group. In 1998 ABI, the English manufacturer of Beyerland and Delta, goes bankrupt. Beyerland has been made in England since 1982, exclusively for the Dutch market. Delta, a cheaper entry-level brand, also exclusive to the Netherlands, dates from 1993. H2 takes over the brand names and molds through the IRG group and transfers the production to Chateau and that also applies to the sister brands of Beyerland: Cristall for the German market and Axxor for the French market.

As a result, production rises from 2500 in 1997 to 5000 in 2000 and the staff from 100 to 200. Production under Axxor soon stops: in 2009, these will be sold out in the Netherlands as Axxor Beyerland. Doubling the production capacity is not without a struggle. Finding suitable personnel in particular places a heavy burden on the quality of the products, which in 2007 led to the downfall of Tirus.

Ordering caravanwindow for Chateau

Does your Chateau caravan need new caravan windows? Please contact Willemsen Caravans. We are happy to help you with the purchase and installation of the new window. You can contact us via the contact page or by filling in the quotation form on the website. On this quotation form you need to describe your window in detail so that we can find the right window for your Chateau caravan.


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